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Super Exciting 'Breaking' News!!!

We've just signed a licensing deal with Breaking Games, and A BRAND NEW Version of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.I.A. is coming out soon.

*Art shown not final and currently in development.


A Creative Response Only Needs Your Most Inventive Acronym

A hilarious game with griends and great fun for families too!

You take a word card off the deck... you have 30 seconds to make a sentence using each letter of the word - that's an ACRONYM!

No time for giggling... gotta get creative! After everyone stops laughing, each player scores you for creativity and inventiveness. Add up each score, multiplied by the Word Value and there's your points for that round.

Watch out for Rounds 4 and 7... your points are multiplied by the dice roll!!

What's In The Box

92 Word Cards, 20 Score Cards, Score Pad, Pencil, 30 Second Timer, Dice and Instructions.

Want to Know More?

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